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Menno Foam application sprayer

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Menno Foam application sprayer

Item no. 181210398
box = 12 piece(s)
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Foam forming disinfection

  • Produces foam while spraying
  • Ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Visualizes the disinfection liquid
  • Dosage with venturi system
  • Connected to a regular garden hose
  • Lower usage of detergent

When surfaces need to be disinfected the choice of the disinfection is as important as the duration of exposure. The Menno disinfectant applicator will provide foam on the surface, therefore the surface will be moist for a longer time, extending the time of exposure sufficiently.The Menno disinfectant applicator is developed to disinfect properly and saves you time and product.

Exposure time
Using foam will guarantee an expanded moisture time of the surface extending the time for the detergent to combat harmful organisms, resulting a better disinfection. The foam is clearly visible and makes it easier to use, no spots or corners will be missed. 

Easy to connect
The MENNO disinfection applicator is filled with the product concentrate (3 liter) and connected onto a garden hose with a regular Gardena connection. The dosage can be adjusted by using different colored plugs (see table).

Lower detergent consumption
It is not necessary to prepare the solution as it is ready to use, so no product will be left over.The detergents MENNO florades and MENNO ter forte are stable and allows the MENNO disinfection applicator to be stored until the next time of use.

Operating Manual

  1. For the right dosage choose the coloured plug as indicated in the dosage table.
  2. Place the plug with the small side up in the intended opening (circled in the picture).
  3. Place the transparent suction tube over the plug.
  4. Fill the tank with the concentrated detergent.
  5. Close the tank firmly.
  6. Connect the disinfectant applicator to the garden hose by using a regular Gardena connection.
  7. The disinfection applicator is now ready for use.

More information
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