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Arad Multi-Jet watermeter with pulse (1:10) Type M1½"

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Arad Multi-Jet watermeter with pulse (1:10) Type M1½"

Item no. 090900268
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With these multi-jet water meters (type M-MS) (1/2-2”) with a screw thread connection, the water passes through the propeller via several inputs (multi jet). The propeller is loaded, symmetrically, which reduces the amount of wear and tear. The multi-jet is insensitive to turbulence in the pipes. A straight pipe in front and behind the meter is not necessary. However, the meter must be placed horizontally. Multi-jet meters are used during irrigation and for drainage systems, for example in the industry. As an option there is the possibility to equip the water meter with a pulse head for automatic registration of quantity and flow. It is also possible to obtain the water meter as an option in a ‘hot water version’ type MH. This is resistant to temperatures up to 90 °C.

The Single-jet water meter (type SO (1/2”) with screw thread connection is a water meter with single inlet of water to the propeller (min. 15 cm straight tube before and 8 cm after the meter required). All water meters of type M and S are supplied with brass couplings. The MS40 is the improved model of the 1.1/2” M40. The accuracy at low capacities (Class D) and the resistance is clearly improved. In the loo of 2006 and 2007 all Multi-jet meters will be replaced by the MS-series.

Technical information

Accuracy:± 2% between Qt en Qmax
± 5% between Qmin en Qt
Approval M:CE, ISO 4064, AWWA, C 708, SI 63
Connection M:½"-2" (threaded)Material:Durable coated brass
Max. pressure:10 bar Option to read outEV- reed switch (magnet contact)
Max. temperature:50°COption MH:Multi-jet hot water application: on request

Technical specifications Multi-jet (M) water meter


Type:M50Max. Counting capacity:10^6 (m³)
Normal size:2" (inch)Min. Counting capacity:1  (lit.)
Max. capacity:30 (m³/u)Length without couplings:300 (mm.)
Normal capacity15 (m³/u)Length with couplings:460 (mm)
Transition capacity3000 (l/u)Width: 160 (mm)
Min. capacity450 (l/u)Height (without pulse output):190 (mm)
Pressure loss at max. capacity1 (bar)Weight with couplings:10,3 (kg)
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