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Bubbler   12 ltr PC-CNL violet/black

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Bubbler   12 ltr PC-CNL violet/black

Item no. 017460101
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The Bubbler can't really be called a dripper anymore, but is best described as a pressure compensated flow regulator with a high exact output (12 - 40 l/h). The sealing effect and dimensions are similar to those of the Chameleon dripper.


  • Pressure compensated, so uniform water release between 1.0 and 3.5 bar
  • Wide water passages for high discharges of 12 to 40 litres/hour
  • Self-closing operation
  • Silicone membrane
  • 6 different flow rates
  • Low CV value

Applications with high water consumption: tree nurseries with (fruit) trees, tub plants, cultivation containers, mobile cultivation systems, garden centers.

Technical data

Flow rate/container12 liter/hour (violet/black)
20 liter/hour (orange/black)
25 liter/hour (orange/light grey)
30 liter/hour (orange/brown)
35 liter/hour (orange/light blue)
40 liter/hour (orange/blue)
Werkdruk1,0 - 3,5 bar (except for the 40 litre/hour bubbler: operating pressure 1.3 - 3.5 bar)
Maximum pressure4,0 bar
Closing Pressure0,12 bar
Filtration130 micron (tap set)
100 micron (main filtration)
Passage0,61 mm (inlet filter)
In the form of 2 moons

Installation & maintenance

  • Read 'General usage advice for drip irrigation' for tips on storage, installation and use.
  • The Bubbler can be cleaned with acid, peroxide and/or chlorine agents (see 'Cleaning and attention points for drip irrigation systems')
  • Regular flushing of the irrigation tubing is important to prevent anaerobic growth of debris in the irrigation tubing
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