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Capillair 60 3,2x1,0

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Capillair 60 3,2x1,0

Item no. 017460336
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The capillary dripper is one of the first type of drippers. The capacity of the capillary dripper is determined by: the working pressure, length, and inner diameter, of the capillary. As a result, a wide variety of capacities are obtained. The flow in the capillary is not turbulent. The capacities per dropper can differ considerably (higher CV value), especially when the droppers are getting older and therefore more polluted. The sensitivity to clogging is higher than in its later successors such as: the Cobra, Woodpecker and Chameleon.

From 2016 Revaho uses a new way of coding the capillary dripper. By means of a letter coding, the inner diameter is indicated. On the microtube a letter (A, B, C, D, E) is printed which corresponds with the following coding and capacity table. Capillary drippers supplied before 2015 are marked with a number (1,2,3,4). This indicates the capacity at 0.5 bar.


  • Basic dripper with pressure-sensitive operation
  • 5 codes (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Lowest mutual uniformity compared to more modern drippers
  • Straight cut microtube instead of angled (per 1-1-2015) for better connection to the screw connector

Various crops with relatively short bed distances.

Technical data

MaterialPE (only available in black)
Recommended working pressure0,5 bar (0,25 - 1 bar)
Filtration80 - 100 micron (main filtration)
130 micron (tap set)
Capillary lengthstandard: 60, 85 and 100 cm
on request: 40 - 100 cm (with different capacities)
Main hose colorwhite/black and black
Main tube diameter16/20/25/32 mm
Punching distance5 - 300 cm

Coding microtube
Type A = 3,2 x 0,6 (1 liter/hour at 85 cm at 0,5 bar)
Type B = 3,2 x 0,7 (1,5 liter/hour at 85 cm at 0,5 bar)
Type C = 3,2 x 0,8 (2 liter/hour at 85 cm at 0,5 bar)
Type D = 3,2 x 0,9 (3 liter/hour at 85 cm at 0,5 bar)
Type E = 3,2 x 1,0 (4 liter/hour at 85 cm at 0,5 bar)
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