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Cobra-mini 2,6ltr+60 black

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Cobra-mini 2,6ltr+60 black

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The Cobra dripper is a labyrinth dripper, with filter and plug in one and is therefore a very economical solution and alternative to capillaries. The Cobra is standard delivered as an angled dropper, namely the Cobra-S, Cobra-mini and the Cobra-LF (Low Flow). In addition, there is a straight Cobra, intended for multi-outlet systems. The difference compared to the Capinet dripper is that the Cobra has a built-in filter and is less susceptible to clogging even in the longer term or with dirtier water.


  • Precise irrigation at constant pressure.
  • By varying the pressure on the Cobra (from 0.5 - 1.2 bar), the irrigation can be adapted to the water requirements.
  • Application as a separate drip point or to be mounted in multi-outlet (water spider).
  • Equipped with large inlet filter and labyrinth, which together provide excellent protection against blockages.

The application of the Cobra is well known in floriculture, where a high planting density requires many drippers per surface area. The Cobra-S, the Cobra-mini and the Cobra-LF can be used as a separate drip point or in a multi-outlet (water spider). The straight Cobra is only intended for multioutlet system.

Technical data:

Output (at 1 bar)2,6 litre/hour (Cobra; Cobra-S; Cobra-mini; black)
1,8 litre/hour (Cobra-LF; grey)
Working pressure0,5 - 1,2 bar (with increasing output)
Advice pressure1,0 bar
Filtration130 micron (tap set)
80 - 100 micron (main filtration)
Length/colour15 cm (Cobra-S; black)
15 cm (Cobra-LF; grey)
11 cm (Cobra-straight; black)
8 cm (Cobra-mini; black)

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