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DAN-7955-180°-ro 120L orange

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DAN-7955-180°-ro 120L orange

Item no. 016210095
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The DAN-7955 is mainly used as a facade sprinkler in greenhouse irrigation. Due to the 180º spray pattern, the sprinkler is ideally suited to compensate for the water shortage at the facade. Especially with larger pipe distances, a facade sprinkler is necessary. The sprinkler is mounted as close to the wall as possible, at the same distance as the other sprinklers in the greenhouse. The output of the 7955 should be about half that of greenhouse sprinklers. A second application is at the edge of tables to prevent the walkway from getting wet. Here the 180°-sprinklers can be combined with a rotating sprinkler, so that the whole table is evenly irrigated.Finally, the DAN-7955 is also used in crops such as Alstroemeria to humidify the substrate from the side of the bed. An advantage compared to drip irrigation is the higher RH in the greenhouse.

  • Less water loss against the wall or in the pathway due to 180º kettle surface
  • Flow rate adjustable to greenhouse sprinkler
  • Can be used with LPD (leak stop)

Technical data

  • Flow rate: 35-200 l / h (standard 45; 70; 90 or 120 l / h)
  • Working pressure: 2 bar
  • Throw: 1.5-2.5 m
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