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DAN-Fogger-Super 2x6,5ltr

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DAN-Fogger-Super 2x6,5ltr

Item no. 016601550
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DAN Fogger Super 2 x 6,5 ltr

The DAN fogger is a low pressure misting system for air humidification and cutting misting in greenhouses and tunnels. The average droplet size of the Foggers is 90 - 100 micron. Air humidification aims to allow the mist to evaporate into the air without getting the crop wet. Evaporation of the water droplets causes the humidity to rise and the temperature to drop. The Dan super Fogger is a combined LPD and T-Fogger, specially developed for air humidification, in order to work even easier. The super Fogger has a very fine mist and is therefore suitable for humidification in a wide variety of crops. A supper fogger is placed per 10 m2, preferably as high as possible in the greenhouse. In the case of cuttings fogging, it is desirable to get even moisture on the leaves, without the soil or substrate becoming too wet. The cuttings can then root and be hardened.


  • The use of rainwater is preferred, avoid the use of mains and surface water.
  • Flush the installation thoroughly before start-up and after prolonged downtime.
  • As an option, a loop can be installed so that the Fogger system can be flushed daily before use.
  • For the Foggers to function properly, a fast-acting system is essential.
  • Dorot-80 1" valves are used for Fogger installations. These are quick opening and closing.
  • The Dan Foggers can be easily disassembled for cleaning, if not in an acid.

Technical data

Capacity per Fogger7 litre/hour
Capacity Super Fogger2 x 6,5 litres/hour (at 4,0 bar)
Working pressure Foggers4,0 - 4,5 bar
Aperture pressure HD-LPD approx.ca. 3,7 bar
Opening pressure Super Fogger approx.ca. 3,7 bar
Filtration80 Micron (sand filter or TAF/SAF)
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