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DAN-Fogger-Super 2x7ltr PE + Filter

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DAN-Fogger-Super 2x7ltr PE + Filter

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The DAN Foggers are suitable as a low pressure mist spray system for air humidification in greenhouses and tunnels. During air humidification, the aim is to allow a very fine mist to evaporate in the air (droplets of approx. 100 micron). The evaporation of the water droplets causes the air humidity to rise and the (greenhouse) temperature to fall.

The high pressure (HP) LDP allows very short pulses to be given without dripping. Short pulses and the fine droplets ensure that the crop remains practically dry.

Working principle
In the DAN foggers, fine droplets are formed by admitting the water to a vortex chamber and then allowing them to escape via the nozzle. This process creates uniform droplets that leave the fogger at high speed so they can evaporate easily.

Each fogger has a leakage prevention device (LPD) to prevent dripping and to alllow the system to operate with short pulses of e.g.g 1 to 3 seconds. This prevents the crop from becoming (too) wet. The HP LPD also ensures the simultaneous starting of all foggers.

Droplet size and effect in the greenhouse
The droplet size of the fogger at 4 bar is roughly 100 micron. A higher pressure produces smaller droplets while the droplet size increases at lower pressures. At an RH of 50 %, water droplets of 100 micron evaporate during a fall height of 2 meters (at 80% RH within 5 metres. The radius of the mist is the same for both types (approx. 1 to 1.6 metres).

Experience with DAN foggers indicates that the RH in the greenhouse can increase by 10-30% and the temperature can drop by 1 to 4 °C (Depending on the climate inside and outside the greenhouse and the use of foggers).


  • Combined LPD and Fogger specifically for humidification
  • 2 Foggers of each 7 l/u
  • Configuration: 1 Fogger per 10 m² 

DAN-foggers can be used for air humidification with pot plants, flowers and vegetable crops. The foggers can be used on the basis of the measured greenhouse RH. The moisture deficit or on the basis of time.

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