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Dorot 75ST - 2 way - 1" - 24VAC

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Dorot 75ST - 2 way - 1" - 24VAC

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Dorot 75 2-way ST 1" 24 VAC 50/60 Hz

The Dorot-75 series are plastic diaphragm valves for agricultural use. They are resistant to fertilizers and have a large free passage (thus high capacity and/or low resistance). The action of the diaphragm minimizes the risk of water hammer and allows accurate control, even at low capacities. The Dorat- 75 2-way valve is the economical version and is widely used in irrigation and drip irrigation. Unique is the built-in check valve, which keeps the valve closed, even when the pressure is removed from the pipe. Obstructive letting through at start-up is thus prevented. A special version is the stand-alone version, which has an automatic device mounted directly on the valve, allowing the valve to be operated independently of a central system. The coil used is a 2-way pulse coil, for battery control from the dispenser. 
Basic valves can be used for mounting pilots, floats etc. and for (hydraulic) remote control.
remote control. Dorat 2-way valves are standard equipped with throttle, electric coil and manual operation. Dorot-75 series have internal BSPT thread.


  • The Dorot-75 series can be mounted in any position.
  • Mounting 'straight up', or 'vertical with the coil up' are preferred as this allows the air to escape one-fold and prevents dirt from accumulating behind the coil core. 
  • With air steering, make sure that the air pressure does not exceed Yi to 1 bar above line pressure with valves closed. The air to be used must be free of lubricants. 
  • If there is a risk of freezing, the water must be removed from the taps (and coils).


Diameter 1"
Max. Pressure10 bar at 20 °C
Max. Temperature60 °C (at decreasing max. pressure)
Body materialReinforced polyamide
DiaphgramNatural rubber
Spring stainless steelRVS 302
Stainless steelRVS 304
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