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Dorot 75ST - 2 way 3"- 24VDC

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Dorot 75ST - 2 way 3"- 24VDC

Item no. 017600920
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Benefits Dorot-75 valve:

  • Larger capacity and less pressure loss
  • A fully supported membrame in open and dense position
  • Insensitive to soil, due to large inlet filter
  • Large passages for control pressure, through application labyrinth (2-way) 
  • Adjusting screw (Throttle) for controlling capacity
  • Improved control characteristic curve
  • Non-return valve prevents opening after pressure drop (2-way)
  • Large, easy-to-use manual control, 3 positions: open-density automatic. The shut-off valve can also be closed manually by means of a powerful coil.
  • Pressure reducing pilot can be built in
  • Nuts are stuck in the housing, so they won't get lost
  • Available in 2-way and 3-way version
  • Simple conversion to 2 or 3 way

Technical data:


3" 2-way angled and straight

Max. Working pressure10 bar
Max. Capacity40 m3/hour
Max. Temperature60 °C (at decreasing power)
Voltage24 VAC-DC; 230V
Power rating (agr. coil)24VDC: 4,5W
Power (ind. coil-G80)VDC: 6,5W


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