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Multi-outlet+120+ 4x Cobra-S

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Multi-outlet+120+ 4x Cobra-S

Item no. 017460098
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The CNL waterspin is a combination of several Cobra drippers on a multi-outlet. The waterspin is mounted on a CNL dripper, making the Cobra drippers work virtually as pressure-compensated and shut-off drippers.

The output of the drip points is determined by the capacity of the CNL dripper and the number of outlets. The minimum working pressure is determined by the sum of the working pressures of the CNL dripper and the Cobra drip tip together.


  • Both the CNL and Cobra plugs are equipped with an inlet filter
  • Higher minimum working pressure due to double labyrinth

Cultivation with high plant density combined with high uniformity.

Technical specifications

Output0,75 - 3,0 litres/hour
Working pressure1,5 / 1,8 / 3,0 - 3,5
Maximum pressure3,5 bar
Filtration 130 micron (kraanset)
80 - 100 micron (hoofdfiltratie)
Cobra-Low Flow
Output and pressure
Output / plug (l/u)0,7511,51,52,13
CNL (l/u)34368,512
Number of plugs (l/u)442444
Type plugCobra-LFCobra-LFCobra-SCobra-SCobra-S12 l/u Spraystake
Working pressure (bar)1,5-3,51,5-3,51,5-3,51,5-3,51,8-3,53,0-3,5
Closing pressure (bar)0,30,150,30,30,150,3


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