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Spraystake grey 180°+ elbow 20-25ltr

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Spraystake grey 180°+ elbow 20-25ltr

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The unique feature of the Spraystake is its combination with a pressure-compensated and self-closing Bubbler. This combination ensures a continuous even delivery for larger areas and a uniform spray pattern for each spray tip. For the plant, this means:

  • More Spraystakes in a faucet compartment with uniform delivery
  • Longer bed lengths
  • Thinner hoses

The Spraystake spray pen is available with a spray pattern of 70° on one side or on both sides of the pen. The hose connection to the Spraystake is angled. The Spraystakes are individually lockable by pressing the mounted knee on the locking plug. Ideal for use in garden centers or nurseries. The Bubbler is (pre)mounted in the main hose with a microtube on length. The Spraystake and knee are supplied separately. The illustration shows a Bubbler with Spraystake in a planter. Due to the pressure compensated operation, the output remains the same even when other Bubblers are shut off.


  • Pressure compensated and self closing by means of Bubbler
  • Uniform spray pattern of 70° (one- or two-sided)
  • UV-resistant for durable use both indoors and outdoors
  • Two types of spray patterns
  • Locking mechanism on the side of the pin (blind plug)

Ideal for situations where a spray pattern is preferred over dripping, such as in plant containers and planters.

Technical data
The average spray range of the Spraystake is 22 - 25 cm to each side. This range varies depending on the insertion depth of the Spraystake.

Spraystake and Bubbler possibilities

Flow rate (l/h)Spray patternColor SpraystakeColor Bubbler
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