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Water meter 3 "Arad + pulse

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Water meter 3 "Arad + pulse

Item no. 090900276
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The WST water meter (successor of the WT-ll) works according to the Woltman principle and is extremely reliable and limited sensitive to wear by polluted water. The propellor is the only moving part that comes into contact with the water.


  • Wide measuring range for different applications 
  • Resistance to humidity
  • Easy to open for replacement of parts
  • Unique measuring system with magnetic transmission
  • Automatic reading by (magnetic) reed contact (EV) or photo diode pointer (EF-P)


Water supply networks, agricultural and industrial applications

Technical information

Precision+ / - 2% between Q2 en Q4 | + / - 5% between Q1 en Q2
Connection2" and 12" (50mm - 3000mm) - flanged connection
Maximum pressure16 bar
Maximum capacity1250 m³ / hour
Maximum temperature60 °C
MaterialDurable epoxy coated cast iron / brass
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