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Pallet wrapping machine with mechanical brake Siat

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Pallet wrapping machine with mechanical brake Siat

Item no. W00000541
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The SIAT one wrap automatic pallet wrapping machine is the most versatile solution for all possible pallet winding demands. The SIAT One Wrape M is the semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine for: wrapping a pallet load with stretch film and/or hole stretch film, the soft start, the easily adjustable control panel, the manual or automatic modus. This makes this machine suitable for every pallet wrapping application. This type is executed with a mechanical film brake.

Basic design:

  • Control panel integrated in the side of the column
  • Operation by means of pushbuttons
  • Executed with photocell for the probing the pallet height*
  • Column is easily foldable by means of hinge point
  • 10 program storage possibilities
  • Lifting possibility for a forklift at the front and rear

*Not suitable for dark loads, a special photocell for this purpose can be mounted at a surcharge.

Technical data
Turntable roller:

Diameter: 1500mm, 8 mm thick sheet material
Maximum loadable weight:2,400 kg
height: 75 mm
Rotation speed: 4~10 rpm, infinitely adjustable
Actuation: By means of chain
Options:Slow start and position stop
Suitable for: Installation in the floor, if an installation frame is being applied

Film cart with power stretcher
Film specifications:

Thickness:17 my ~35 my
Core:50 / 76 mm

  • Mechanical film brake with quick release lever 
  • Variable rising and lowering speed
  • Actuation by means of a hoisting belt
  • Mechanical fall protection
  • Manual applying and cutting of film
  • Safety switch at the bottom side of the unit


Maximum pallet height: 2400 mm

Pallet data

Maximum:1,200 mm x 800 mm
Minimum pallet height:650 mm
Maximum pallet height:2,100 mm
Maximum pallet weight:2,400 kg

Electrical data

Power supply:1 Ph. 240V/50Hz + N + PE
Insulation class motors and switch box:IP54


Ambient temperature:           +5°C to +35°C
Certification:CE directives and supply with certificate
Remark:Special wishes, if technically possible, will be executed at a surcharge

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