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Compass 2X

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Compass 2X

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The Priva Compass process computer is developed from the vision: "A computer that can control irrigation, climate, light and CO2 all together". Priva Compass is made from small, flexible hardware and software modules and its operation is very user friendly.

With the Compass process computer you can monitor your process at every moment of the day. With the built-in WiFi network you can operate the computer from any device whenever you want.

Priva Compass is available in two basic variants: Priva Compass 2S and Priva Compass 4S. It is also possible to expand the Compass system with a Compass 2X or 4X in order to control multiple cultivation zones. Regardless of the number of cultivation zones and the number of measurements and controls you can pick the most suitable solution for your situation.

By default every Compass 2S/X or 4S/X contains:

  • Priva Gateway (Only in Compass 2S/4S)
  • Priva Blue ID C4 controller(s)
  • Flexibility due to small I/O modules
  • Multi-voltage power supply 100-230 VAC 50-60Hz
  • Separated power supply for Priva Compass and field devices (two 24 VDC power supplies)
  • Industrial quality enclosure

This product is an expansion to the Compass-network with multiple controllers. Every network requires a Compass 2S or 4S.

Priva compass 2X Universal industrial enclosure (500x500x210) includes:

  • Priva Blue ID C4-MX34-controller
    Controller with built-in I/O; 8 universal inputs, 12 digital inputs, 6 analog outputs, 8 digital outputs
  • Free space for 3 expansion modules (DOR6 or UI8)
  • Trafo block 100-230V / 100VA / 24VAC
  • 2 power supplies 100-240VAC 24VDC / 3.2A / 50-60Hz

Regardless of the device you use, you always have a clear dashboard. The dashboards and graphs show you the most important information about your process in a simple view. This way you are aware of all parts in the process at all times.

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