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Sendot logoSendot Research provides technological solutions to challenges in agriculture. Sendot Research B.V. was established in 2015 and located in Bunnik, close to Utrecht the Netherland. We focus on contract research, product development and the distributions of sensors with Royal Brinkman.
Since the initial creation Sendot Research, we have strived to develop various high quality and accurate opto-chemical oxygen and chlorophyll fluorescence sensors. Our oxygen sensors have been a breakthrough in the optimization of the rootzone, plant performance and has been an important tool for growers and crop advisors.
With the rise of a new generation of opto-chemical sensors, new technologically driven irrigation techniques and new insights we strive to assist growers to maximize crop yield and cultivate healthier crops. 

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  • The difference between invasive and non-invasive measurement

    Invasive measurement
    The oxygen sensor measures oxygen optically via a chemo-optical coating. This means that a coating is attached to an optical fibre probe. This enables the sensor to measure in substrates such as rockwool, cocos and perlite or liquid solutions such as water.

    Non-invasive measurement
    The coating can also be used separately. The coating is detached from the optical fibre probe and can be adhered in various places. This can, for example, be placed in colourless pot, a sealed room, sealed off pipe. The coating is then “read” with a special read-out probe.

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