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Oxygen Analogue Sensor kit

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Oxygen Analogue Sensor kit

Item no. W00000280
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The Optical Oxygen Analogue sensor is suited to monitor oxygen in various substrates and be attached to an climate control computer. This includes rockwool, perlite, cocos and many others.


The advantages of the sensor is that is suited for monitoring in substrates and it does not require oxygen to perform the measurement. In addition, the sensor does not require calibration nor this is have any replaceable parts besides the oxygen coating.

The coating only needs to be replaced once every half a year or 400.000 measurements.

Please keep in mind that it is vital to use the substrate pre-drill and substrate support accessories to acquire a correct measurement.

Continuous measurements via computer

De Oxygen Analoge Sensor can easily be integraded to a computer system via an analoge 4 - 20 mA output. By this you can monitor Oxygen for months without calibration.


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