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PlantFactory tailor-made vertical farming solution

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PlantFactory tailor-made vertical farming solution

Item no. W00003044
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The PlantFactory allows you to grow in any available space, whether it is a basement or a warehouse. This way, you can produce leafy greens year-round on an industrial scale.
In an Urban Crop Solutions PlantFactory, everything is designed and engineered according to the available space and to your needs: the cultivation area, our innovative LED growing technology, ingenious irrigation systems and climate control.

Suitable for production and nursery of leafy greens, herbs, medicinal plants and many more crops. The growing surface has a minimum unit of 80 m² (95 yd²), up to 24 layers per unit. The Plantfactory is commonly used as industrial plant growing infrastructure for the food, industrial and medicinal market.

The irrigation is customized, ask us for the options.

A typical year
Average output: 24 000 up to 91.5M crops (depending on crop variety and density). Average amount of growth cycles: 15.

To deliver healthy and beyond organic crops, our closed-loop irrigation system minimize the use of fresh water, increases the plant nutrient uptake and can work with up to 70 nutrients and minerals. It also provides optimal root growth, aeration and nutrient delivery. In our system it is possible to grow microgreens and super large crops.

Climate controlled environment
In / outflow of air is controlled to limit unwanted elements while optimizing climate conditions. Closed production plants have minimal external elements influencing the indoor climate. Flavour can be tailored to market demand by influencing climate, light and nutrients.

Custom-made LED technology
The energy-efficient LED lights provide the optimal spectrum for your plants to grow efficiently. The photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) enables photosynthesis in the 400-700nm range.


  • Automated transport; 
  • Climate control;
  • Multiple irrigation systems;
  • Continuous monitoring and logging;
  • Custom-made LEDs;
  • Handling area and technical room;
  • Fully automated growing process;
  • Online crop and process management;
  • Tracking and tracing;
  • Can be integrated in existing production and distribution systems.

The following robotics and automation can be added to your plant growth solution upon your request:

  • Automated seeding lines;
  • Automated transplanting lines;
  • Planting/harvesting robotics;
  • Washing street;
  • Cutting line;
  • Packing line.

The price of the Urban Crop Solutions PlantFactory depends on several factors. Please contact us for a price indication for your situation.

From seed to plant

  1. Germination. The germination of the seed takes, depending on the crop type, a few days up to a few weeks. The vast majority of the crops (leafy greens) grown in our systems germinate within the first 3-5 days.  
  2. Seeding production. Development from a germinated seed to a small plant with minimum two true leaves.
  3. Transplant. The transplant of plants to the final location usually occurs after the moment that the roots start to come out of the substrate or the leaves of the different plants start to touch each other. With this system the transplanting takes place between day 14 and 20.
  4. Harvest. The time the plant is inside the system depends on the crop selection and desired harvest size, but is on average 21 days.


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