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Circukon filter UDI 6" without element

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Circukon filter UDI 6" without element

Item no. 050708086
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Circukon filter UDI 6" without element

Strong steel and resistant plastic provide a filter that is suitable for many purposes. The UDI circukon filter has a PVC filter element with a stainless steel filter mesh of 75 to 800 micron. The dirt is continuously collected during operation, so that there is no increase of
the pressure difference arises. This is achieved by a specially designed swirl plate with four diagonally drilled openings.
The inflow velocity is optimised by removing or adjusting stops.

Many applications are possible due to a large flow rate difference per orifice. The entire filter area is optimally utilized by a uniquely designed spiral groove under the filter mesh. The dirt collection area is part of the filter element. The conically shaped inlet prevents backflow of the dirt. The filter cover is light and easy to handle.

The dirt discharge is easy to automate. To increase the dirt discharge capacity, the filter can be used cross-flow. All models can be connected modularly to one unit of any shape and capacity, possibly with a joint dirt discharge tank. An extensive range of connectors and quick couplings of the same make are available to assemble the units. As an option, the filter can be made of stainless steel.

Areas of application

  • Recirculation systems 
  • Cooling water processes
  • Washing water cleaning food industry 
  • Bassin water filtration
  • Irrigation systems

In preparation for the coating, the filters are coated with a special layer of zinc phosphate. This treatment ensures good adhesion of the coating and protects it from rusting from the inside out. The polyester coating is then applied electrostatically,
both internally and externally and then hardened in the oven. The total process consists of 7 steps and results in a perfect coating with a thickness of approximately 120 microns.

In-line filter housing, downward-facing dirt collection chamber in the filter element.


  • Polyester coated steel
  • Neoprene rubbers
  • Nylon swirl plate
  • PVC filter element with stainless steel filter mesh

Technical data

Maximum pressure10 barConnection6"
Maximum recommended operating pressure8 barCapacity55 - 150 m3/h
Recommended ∆P0,25 - 0,5 barHoles8x Ø 22
Rinse water2 - 5 LiterWeight56 Kg
PH resistent5 - 9

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