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Sieve filter in-line / flange 2" 200micron UDI

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Sieve filter in-line / flange 2" 200micron UDI

Item no. 989107140
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Sieve filter in-line 2" 200mic

It is possible to increase the security by inserting a second inner filter. The water is filtered from the outside to the inside. The filter cake is located on the outside of the filter element an can easily be manually removed. the inner elements feature stainless steel filter gauze, available in different perforations. The effective filter passage of the mesh is 32-47%, depending on the perforation.

As a preparation for the coating, the filters are provided with a special layer of zinc phosphate. This treatment ensures a good adhesion of the coating and protects against rusting from the inside. After that the polyester coating is applied electrostatically, both inside and outside, and subsequently hardened in the oven. The total process consists of 7 steps, resulting in a perfect coating with a thickness of about 200 microns.


  • All water intakes
  • Cool water systems
  • Recirculation system
  • Water transport
  • After medium filters
  • For distribution systems
  • For sprinklers


  • Polyester coated steel
  • Neoprene rubbers
  • PVC inner elements with stainless steel filter gauze

Technical specifications

Maximale pressure10 bar
Maximaal recommended working pressure8 bar
Maximal pressure55 °C
Ph resistant 5 - 9
Filter gauzeExterior of the element
Capacity30 - 40 m3/h
Weight25 Kg

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