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Uvar pressure valve 1" red

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Uvar pressure valve 1" red

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Uvar pressure reducing valve 3/4" white

The special design of the Bermad pressure reducing valves ensure an accurate and reliable pressure control. The operation of the Pressure reducing valve is based on the so called direct controlled pressure reducing valve. The pressure in the line after the valve is constantly equal to the set pressure; regardless of variations in pressure and flow fluctuations or before the regulator.


  • On each point where pressure has to be reduced.
  • Protection against high pressure
  • To accomplish an equal water supply by pressure control

The use of a rolling membrane guarantees:

  • A separation between mechanics and the flow; results in a long and trouble-free operation.
  • Accurate operation by minimal resistance movement

Depending on the type, there are a variety of springs available in print setting. The valves can be supplied with preset fixed pressure or with an adjustable set pressure.

Option: For application with static pressure, the "drip-close" low-flow valves can be supplied

Technical specifications

MembraneNylon fibre reinforced with Buna
SealBuna-N en Nature rubber (NR)
SpringStainless steel
TemperatureWater up to 50° C (122° F)
Capacity1.0 - 2.0 bar

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