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Enmix light stirring mixer frame

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Enmix light stirring mixer frame

Item no. 819095570
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Please beware: Frame is delivered without stirrers

If the Enmix proves not to be a suitable solution for your problem, the Enmix Light probably is. The Enmix Light is specially developed for smaller mixing bins up to 2 m3 capacity with a maximum diameter of 2.5m and is the ideal solution for mixing, dissolving and keeping liquids moving in fertilizer bins or other storage tanks. The Enmix Light can also be used to dissolve liquid and solid fertilizers and is the little brother of the Enmix (1m3 to a maximum of 15m3).

The Enmix Light consist of a 4-pole motor, the motor mounting plate made of POM, stainless steel 316 shaft and a stirring disk made of POM. For optimal mixing and dissolving of sinking parts, the rubber disc should be mounted at approx 10cm from the bottom. The standard length of the stainless steel 316 rubber shaft is 1250 mm, the rubber disc is attached at the bottom of this shaft. This shaft can be shortened as desired or at your own discretion. The electric motor can easilty be connected to a 230 Volt wall socket. The power is only 0.37 kW. If necessary, the stirring times can be set with a simple control box with timer. for round containers, two vertical strips must be fitted in the container to prevent the entire contents from rotating. The Enmix Light mixer is supplied in a single-phase version including a plug, cable and termal protection.

Power0.37 kW
Voltage230 Volt
Frequency50/60 Hz motor
Speed1350/1580 T.P.M
Rudder schaftStainless Steel 316
Stirring diskPOM
Mounting platePOM
The Enmix Light Only available in 230V 50/60Hz
UL/CSA approval On requestApproval on request
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