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Meet Jim Pryor

‘Since I left school I only worked in Horticulture and I still love it! As an account manager I help and advice growers on how to improve their crops and show them our newest innovations. My sales activities are in: Ornamentals, vegetables, vertical farming, mechanisation and customers training all over in Northern England. Building strong relationships with customer and supplier alike, enabling me to grow area sales through the identification and exploitation of all sales opportunity's, with current and prospective customers, both in traditional and emerging markets.’

  • Ultimate goal

    ‘I have worked for over 40 years in horticulture and love the personal relationships. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm focused to help our customers achieve their ultimate goal. The customers satisfaction is very important for me. I really enjoy helping the growers improving their crop and surprise them with new modern products. Enabling customers to maximise their sales potential with a large range of products from plant health care to growing media and market leading retail sundries, helping them to stand out on quality and innovation in a highly competitive marketplace.’  


    Breakthrough technology!

    ‘We have so many fantastic systems! I love to talk about our new innovations and all the benefits. I am still proud from winning the Best Professional equipment Award at the Four Oaks with our Autostix system. Visser developed this system to automate the labour-intensive process of the sticking of cuttings. The AutoStix machine is capable of processing 10,000 cuttings per hour. Let’s talk about how technologies are already a reality in agriculture and horticulture. Solutions for any situation.’ 

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