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Meet Simon Godfrey

Simon Godfrey has gained a lot of experience, as he has been working at Royal Brinkman since 2009. 'As a sales manager, I enjoy meeting with people, and making a bond with the customers. I am really satisfied when I help a customer out of a problem. I cover a lot of different types of growers, ornamental, vegetable and soft fruit in the East of England. The variety for me is great.

  • Changing market demands teamwork

    The market is really constantly asking about the future, especially in uncertain times. ‘We have to provide a constant for them right now. Something our customers can rely on. A well-functioning team is important in this process. Luckily I am part of a very experienced team and always keen to help. If I don’t know an answer, one of us will. Our teamwork is outstanding!’

    Sharing knowledge is important

    ‘Especially in this rapidly changing market it is important to share knowledge with each other. After all, together we can make the difference. Royal Brinkman shares its knowledge through the knowledge base that is available day and night. This is filled with hundreds of articles and videos. Also, social media is getting more important every day. In the end, personal contact remains important, which is why I love visiting customers in person the most.’

    Simon constantly works hard to build strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

  • Simon Godfrey

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