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Shop  Video  Hebo halter - Sleeving flowers and plants

Video Hebo Halter - Sleeving flowers and plants

Are you looking for a device for sleeving flowers and plants that also prevents flower and leaf damage? Then use the Hebo Halter. Using the Hebo Halter will make sleeving the plants a lot easier and faster. In addition, it provides considerable labour savings through the simple way of working. Royal Brinkman is the exclusive supplier of this product. In the videos below we show how the Hebo Halter works and how it should be put together.

Hebo Halter Super Power

The latest model is the Hebo Halter Super Power which is specially developed for very intensive use. The machine is made of high quality raw materials that are impact resistant and water repellent. This makes it possible to place multiple bundles at the same time. The covers are clamped over the entire width. The bumpers in the collar form another practicality, so that the perforation edges of the sleeves automatically end up in the right place. 

 All the advantages of the Hebo Halter Super Power at a glance:
  • Sleeve aid for flowers and plants 
  • Simultaneous insertion of multiple bundles of sleeves 
  • Available in five models/cover sizes 

How to assemble a Hebo Halter? 

Step 1: Fold out the tripod as standard 
Step 2: Slide up the main bar 
Step 3: Take the Hebo Halter head out of the box 
Step 4: Place the Hebo Halter head on the main rod 
Step 5: Open the Hebo Halter 
Step 6: Place the bundle of sleeves in the Hebo Halter head and close it immediately. 
Step 7: Ready for sleeving 

Hebo Halter models

The assortment consists of two models Hebo Halters with different properties and possibilities. The two models are available in different sizes. Each size is suitable for a different cover width. This is the width of the top of the cover in centimeters. 

Parts and accessories

There are also separate parts available for the Hebo Halter, such as loose springs, collars and hinge blocks. In addition, there are all kinds of accessories for the Hebo Halter with which the sleeves can be made even easier, such as a table support, table clamp or elastic containers.

Hebo Halters

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