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Shop  Video  Twinhook - Prevent tearing of your tomato plant

Video Twinhook - Prevent tearing of your tomato plant

The Twinhook ensures a better support in the armpit of a tomato plant. In this video the crop rotation specialist explains the advantages of the Twinhook. Use the subtitles at the bottom of the youtube player to add subtitles.

How do I prevent the armpit of a tomato plant from tearing?

Use the Twinhook to prevent tearing the first time you lower the tomato plant. This results in less use of crop protection agents and is ultimately better for your crop because you have less chance of diseases and fungi in the crop. 

The Twinhook is a so-called twin clip that supports the armpit of a budded tomato plant during the growing process. The advice is to place the Twinhooks within one month after planting. The round clamps support the plant as it grows bigger and heavier. This helps to reduce the number of cases of split stems, which can reduce the risk of diseases such as Botrytis. The need for extra support is species dependent: some varieties always give heavier plants or are weaker in constitution and therefore tear in faster. The Twinhook is made of plastic and is available in a standard size.

Advantages of the Twinhook:

Less torn plants
Stronger plants
Less chance of disease and fungus
Reduced use of plant protection products


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