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Flexxomat TT (transport + tunnel) [3x2,21m]

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Flexxomat TT (transport + tunnel) [3x2,21m]

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Preventive hygiene solution for vehicle and people transport.

The flexxomat disinfection mat is the preventive hygiene solution for passenger and vehicular traffic in the food industry,greenhouses, agriculture and laboratories.

Quality management systems
In the context of quality management systems such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, GSPP and ISO22000 high care and high risk areas such as productionfacilities and growers are even better protected against the introduction of micro-organisms and the possible consequences. The flexxomat T and P are unique and can be used for various types of transport and movement of people. Through its innovative design and patented methods of reinforcement the mats don't have to be secured to the floor.

- Flexxomat P or T (only suitable for manual filling)
- Mats resistant to curling by reinforcement plates
- Available in standard sizes
- Special sizes on request

Save labor costs
To save labor costs and prevent running dry of th flexxomats it is possible to equip the mats with a tunnel. The tunnel ensures that the mats can be used on with an automatic filling system. By means of a peristaltic pump or venturi pump.

Automatic filling system (two types)
Flexxopump: Autofill system with a hose pump(with timer). This set-up requires a pre-mixed container of fluids. The Flexxopump transports the mixed fluids directly to the flexxomat, without using a main water supply. The tunnel in the flexxomat makes sure the fluids get distributed evenly across the flexxomat. Flexxoturi: Autofill system using a venturipump(with timer). This set-up requires a main water supply and an can of concentrated chemicals. The Flexxoturi uses suction and pressure of the main water supply to ad chemicals to the main water supply before being transported to the flexxomat. The tunnel in the flexxomat makes sure the fluids get distributed evenly across the flexxomat.

Benefits autofill
- Save labor costs
- Prevents the mats running dry
- Decentralized system using Flexxopump and Flexxoturi
- Central distribution system available on request

Flexxolutions can build on years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial products.Flexxolutions its subtitle "Engineered Flexible Products', indicates that it concentrates on customer-specific products, manufactured from high quality technical fabrics. But flexibility is also for the way in which they respond to needs as an organization and needs of our customers. A quick response to impulses from the market is linked to its ability to innovate and high product quality.

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