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Topcleaner (560) 20 l

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Topcleaner (560) 20 l

Item no. 181006037
can = 20 liter
pallet = 560 liter
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Regluar cleaning with Topcleaner increases the level of light inside the greenhouse. Important is to make maximum use of the sunlight for optimal growth of your crop. The special formulation of Topcleaner gives the best and safest results. Dirty glass reduces a lot of light inside the greenhouse, which can have a significant influence on the growth of the crop. In the autumn and winter months the light intensity drops significantly. With clean glass you can get the most optimal growth of the crop. Topcleaner is a special formulation of ammoniumbifluoride, which has a less harmful vapor effect. Dirt inside and outside of the greenhouse, like soot, rust, algae, mosses and dust is easily removed from the glass and foil.

Before cleaning with Topcleaner its important that the greenhouse is empty. Ensure all the parts of the plant are removed. After the greenhouse is empty it can be cleaned with the right dosage Topcleaner. Once the solution of Topcleaner has been used, spray it off with a lot of clean water.

- For the outside of the greenhouse, under normal conditions, 1 liter of Topcleaner at 15 liters water. Heavily polluted greenhouses, 1 liter Topcleaner at 5-10 liters water.

- For the inside of the greenhouse under normal conditions, 1 liter of Topcleaner at 20 liters water. Heavily polluted greenhouses, 1 liter Topcleaner at 10 liters water.

- Spray Topcleaner in a even layer on the surface.
- Let it soak for 10 minutes, and spray with clean water. Dont let it dry!
- Topcleaner is not suitable for the removal of shading agents.
- Dont discharge a solution of Topcleaner in your water basin
- After usage clean the pump, hoses, etc. with plenty of clean water.

Topcleaner for clean glass or plastic in horticulture, so you can benefit from the optimal growth light.

Topcleaner is available in a 20 liter can.

Always read the instuctions on the label carefully. Do not use Topcleaner on special coated (diffuse)glass.