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Pre-treatment equipment

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  • 3 tips for measuring and adjusting pH

    Fertilization advice is often precisely calculated to the millimol. This requires a very precise methodology in the application of fertilizers. The crop pH here is of crucial importance. For that reason we’ll list a few important items concerning pH.

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  • Maximum protection and heat reduction

    Some cultivations require maximum shading of which the Phalaenopsis is a good example. This plant has a bad tolerance for direct sunlight and heat and therefore requires an almost year-round protection. Phalaenopsis generally disappear under a thick protective layer as early as February or March only to reveal themselves again in October or November. For such crops, which depend on maximum long term protection from sunlight and heat Q-Black has been developed. In its highest dose Q-Black will shade almost up to 90% of incoming sunlight and thus heat. An ideal solution for shade-loving plants like the Phalaenopsis.

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  • Powder and liquid shading agents

    Since the 1970’s developments in the horticultural sector have increased rapidly. Developments in areas such as production engineering, automation, overall professionalism, marketing and, last but not least, greenhouse technology and construction. As greenhouses grew bigger and taller, gutters grew longer and thinner and spraying techniques became more sophisticated. With these developments the demand for a different way of ‘chalking’ also grew louder. It needed to be easier, faster, safer and more accurate. From this demand liquid shading agents have arisen.

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  • How do i remove shading agents?

    Did you buy a Q-product (Q4 White, Q3 White, Q-Black, Q-HEAT) or a D-product (D-Fuse and D-Gree) this year to protect your crops?
    Remove this products from your greenhouse easy and quick with Removit. For removing the chalk or coating layers you first have to treat those with Removit. We advise a dosage of 250 liters per hectare. Then, after a good rain shower your greenhouse will be very clean again.

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  • The difference between Q3 and Q4

    Q3 White and Q4 White are both shading agents based on calcium carbonate. There’s only one difference between these two products being their weather resistance and thus lifespan. But this one difference has important implications in terms of their application, use and price. Q4 White is extremely weather resistant and is the most weatherproof shading agent currently available on the shading agent market. Q3 White is a medium weatherproof shading agent and is an economical choice compared to similar products on the market in terms of weather resistance and lifespan.

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  • How to manage your crop with pH and EC

    PH and EC influence absorption of fertilizers throughout crops. Factors like, fertilizer choice, pH, EC and outlet water greatly influence reaching maximum results. It is therefore important to know how to adjust the pH and EC of nutrient solutions. Our specialist give you 3 tips in this article

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Crop care

The department 'Crop Care' focuses on fertilizers, pre-treatment materials, chalk and shading agents. The product specialists in this field are busy with making the most out of your crop. They can help you with calculating the right nutrition schedules, analyzing data and advising you the best chalk- and shading agents for your business. Everything to make the most out of your photosynthesis. 

Which combination of fertilizers can save money? What type of coating will give you the best crop quality? How do you care of your plants after the harvest? The product specialists and purchasers of crop care are day in day out busy with the questions mentioned about. So we are constantly looking for opportunities to help you get the most out of your crops.

The product specialists fertilizers can help you calculate nutrition schedules and analyse data. This helps you to fertilize your crop efficiently as possible to get optimal production. You can also ask advice from our product specialist shading agents for the optimal utilization of light - protection for your crop. In addition, the experts can advise you about the possibilities and advantages of working with pre-treatment materials. In short all our activities brought together within the theme of crop care to make the photosynthesis and so your production run optimally.

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