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What can we offer to your farm in the African region?

Royal Brinkman Africa

Royal Brinkman Africa focusses on Ethiopia, Kenya. Tanzania & Uganda. For several years we're serving cutflower, cuttings and seed production companies. Our knowledge, high quality products and a personal and reliable service have been their solution to optimize their crop. We offer every product a grower in Africa needs: fertilizers, spraying trolleys, hygiene products, flower sleeves or Latex and Nitril gloves.

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  • With over 130 years of industry experience, Royal Brinkman has established itself as one of the largest and most renowned suppliers to the horticultural industry in the world. With plenty of growing opportunities arising in African horticultural sectors Ties Persoon will direct his attention on the African market. For Africa you can always contact Ties Persoon or Vincent van der Wilk for all your questions and sales related matters. 

     Local advice; 
     Personal contact person;
     High quality products; 
     Solution provider;

     Knowledge sharing.


What are our specialties?

Whether you are a cutting compang or a seeding production company, creating the best quality with maximum yield is always the challenge. Royal Brinkman helps you to excel in your business in Africa. We have a number of specialties that are perfect for the African market. 

  • HortiHygienz stands for a total solution for your hygiene issues in horticulture. What are the biggest risks in your crop? Which solutions cover the risks and are practical? You will be advised and guided through the entire process of choosing, installing and using the solution.
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    With Royal Brinkman’s network of manufacturers we aim to have a constant availability in the fertilizer market.  
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  • A spraying trolley is one of the main machinery which can be found in African farms. The MBS-1000 is developed with Empas, which is perfect for the African market. 

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Meet the team

  • Account Manager Africa Ties Persoon Royal Brinkman

    Ties Persoon

    Account Manager Africa 
    Mobile: +316 836 610 16
    Learn more about Ties in this interview

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  • Internal Account Manager Africa Stefan van den Berg

    Stefan van den Berg

    Internal Account Manager Africa
    Mobile: 0174 - 446254

    Telefoon  e-mail
  • Area Manager Africa + Asia Vincent van der Wilk

    Vincent van der Wilk

    Area Manager Africa + Asia
    Phone: +316 537 405 75
    Learn more about Vincent in this interview 

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Knowledge Partner 

Whatever the question or challenge within your greenhouse, team Africa and our specialists will help you to grow the healthiest possible crop. Our Knowledge Center consists of 500+ knowledge base articles that can provide support.

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