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The answer to reduce the level of diseases on horticultural farms


We believe that growers worldwide can maximize their crop yields by maintaining optimum operational hygiene. HortiHygienz, can be used worldwide as a total solution for operational hygiene. It is based on five pillars: Crop rotation, People, Materials, Water quality and Responsibility & Sustainability.

  • Our specialists work daily to improve our total solution of a complete and functional hygiene system in the horticultural company by combining products, application techniques, installation, service and advice. Innovations keep the solutions progressive and appropriate to the ever-changing world of requirements and wishes of entrepreneurs and their customers.

     Completely unburdened in the hygiene approach
     Sales certainty
     Gain in time and knowledge
     Increase in harvest yield


Hygiene solution for your crop

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  • Customer Lucas Semple about HortiHygienz

    Under Sun Acres is a 48-acre bell pepper production facility that has about 65 employees who rotate throughout the season. Hygiene is extremely important to the facility's functionality.

    “Hygiene helps keep our facility safe” Lucas Semple - Under Sun Acres, Leamington, Ontario

    “Others in the area who use Royal Brinkman equipment recommended Royal Brinkman to us. We also talked to other companies, but Royal Brinkman was very good at providing a solution from start to finish." The HortiHygienz department's hygiene specialists advised and designed a complete and customized hygiene street, based on the risk analysis and wishes of Under Sun Acres. 

    » Read more about Lucas Semple's experience
More information

HortiHygienz has an extensive team of specialists who exchange and secure knowledge worldwide. They offer a combination of knowledge, inventory scan, products and technical applications to solve your hygiene problem. The specialists help you to analyse the hygiene risks. This will ensure that you can properly meet the expectations of customers and certification requirements. In addition, the specialists will consider the practical feasibility of the hygiene solutions within the nursery.
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