Clips & Truss Support

Introducing our Clips & Truss Support for Tomatoes – the essential solution for your crops during vulnerable growth stages. From stem and truss support to innovative Valent Clips, we provide reliable protection and enhanced yield for your tomato plants.
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Clips to support your crops

Clips are very often used in horticulture to support the plant or parts of the plant. After the crop rotation, the plants are very vulnerable. With the use of clips, you can prevent damage to your plants and crops. There are many different clips available for different crops. If you're unsure what clips to use, feel free to reach out using the form below and receive free advice from our specialists.

✔ One size fits all designs
✔ Available for a variety of crops
✔ Protective yet flexible supports

Stem and truss support clips

After a few weeks, the first trusses will appear on the tomato plants. These first trusses are very vulnerable and can bend or break easily from the stem. This will have a negative effect on the quality of the tomatoes. Therefore, it is of high importance to support the first trusses with truss-support clips. The truss support clip is a great support for plants, is very flexible and avoids the truss from bending, which results in more yield and higher quality of the first trusses.

Plant support clip

As vegetable plants get bigger, they need more and more support. That is why the plants are tied up with twine. This can be done by means of twisting in or clipping. More and more growers choose to tie up the plants with the help of the easy clip. Twisting the plant in the twine requires experience, but fewer people are available who have this experience. In addition, the turning in of the plant takes a relatively large amount of labor. On the other hand, working with tomato clips is quite easy and can be learned quickly. This makes you less dependent on a specific person and allows each person to tie up tomato plants.

Valent Clips

To help growers move forward during and after crop rotation, Royal Brinkman offers the Valent Clip. Clips are used in horticulture to support our plants, as the plants are vulnerable after the crop change. The Valent Clips are specially developed by Royal Brinkman with the aim to prevent damage to your plants and crops. The clips have a strong closure and are easy to use.

Advantages at a glance
✔ The air holes prevent botrytis
✔ Strong hinge with improved twine grippers
✔ Rounding of the clip prevents plant damage