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EC Meters

EC meter, also called electric conductivity meter measures the concentration of the total soluble salts in a liquid. There is electrical conductivity in a substance when it contains salt. This makes an EC meter an important tool for checkng and adjustiing the fertilization strategy and the feeding schedule.
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Alkaline battery 9v duracell
Calibration liquid EC 12.84mS 100cc
Combination EC/PH meter + case
Digital EC meter, cup - loose, without case
Digital EC meter, cup - with case
Drain water detection unit with NTC 3KΩ/25°C
EC / pH combimeter for water & soil / substrate
EC / temperature meter water & soil (COND7GROWA)
EC / temperature soil / substrate meter (COND7GROND)
EC / temperatuur meter (CON7WATER)
EC 1,413 Calibration fluid in 20 x 25 ml. sachets
EC 1,413 Calibration liquid in 250 ml dosing bottle
EC 1,413 Calibration liquid in 500 ml dosing bottle
EC 12,88 Calibration fluid in 20 x 25 ml. sachets
EC 12,88 Calibration liquid in 250 ml dosing bottle
EC 12.88 Calibration liquid in 500 ml dosing bottle
EC 4,00 Calibration liquid in 250 ml dosing bottle
EC Sensor for COND 5 Tester
EC Soil Electrode for COND7
EC/PH Indicator model EPH-119
EC/pH Sensor for PC 5 Tester
EC/pH combi meter (PC7WATER)
EC/pH soil/substrate meter (PC7GROND)
Electrode cleaner D in 250 ml. dosing bottle
Electrode cleaner D in 500 ml. dosing bottle
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How does a EC meter works?

When you add nutrients (consisting of salt) to water when making the manure tank, a certain amount of electrical conductivity is created in the water. The more salt you add, the higher the electrical conductivity becomes. The EC also increases at a higher temperature. With the help of an EC meter you can measure this. 

Calibrate an EC meter

If the EC meter is used for a long time, dirt and wear on the electrode can cause a measurement error in the instrument. When this happens the EC meter can display erroneous readings. Therefore it is important to calibrate an EC meter regularly. 

Maintenance of the EC meter

The electronics of an EC meter are very sensitive because condensation on the PCB must be prevented. Therefore it is important to store the EC meter on room temperature. It is also important to always work with a clean measuring cup. Never clean the measuring cup of the EC meter with an abrasive, this will damage the electrodes, which will shorten the life of the cup. 

In addition to storing and cleaning the EC meter, you should check the battery regularly. If the battery runs out, the EC meter will display the message "lo bat". If this happens, it is important to replace the battery of the EC meter at short notice. Have you not used the EC meter for a longer period of time? Then we recommend removing the battery from the EC meter. Any leakage of the battery can cause irreparable damage to the EC meter.

Buy an EC meter

Do you have any questions about using an EC meter, or would you like advice when buying an EC meter? Please feel free to contact one of our product specialists

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