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Royal Brinkman International Projects

The department of technical projects Royal Brinkman offer sustainable solutions. Royal Brinkman technology is active around the whole world, and has its own offices in all the major horticulture concentrated areas. Royal Brinkman is also the head dealer of Priva climate and registration systems and uses proven techniques such as Vocom irrigation systems, which are installed worldwide. View some of our international horticultural projects below.
  • Orbita Oblast Kaliningrad, Russia

    Royal Brinkman installed both electro technologies and water technologies at Orbita in Oblast Kaliningrad, Russia, which are designed for the cultivation of cucumbers and tomatos.

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  • Strawberryfarm Birkenhof, Germany

    Royal brinkman is currently installing different projects in Germany. On behalf of Gerhard Deuschle from Strawberryfarm Birkenhof, Royal Brinkman has completed this project in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

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  • P’Petual, Adelaide, Australia

    Royal Brinkman installed water and electric technology at project P’Petual in Adelaide, Australia, which is constructed for the cultivation of cucumbers, eggplants and tomatos.

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  • Kubo and Royal Brinkman have - 2,5 hectare project in UK

    Royal Brinkman is a supplier for the professional horticultural sector that also offers sustainable technical water, electrical and climate solutions worldwide. Our team of specialists advise and assist you in realizing your plans for a new construction or a renovation of an existing installation.

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  • 200sqm demo project in Colombia

    Royal Brinkman is a supplier for the professional horticultural sector that also offers sustainable technical water, electrical and climate solutions worldwide.

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  • Xclusive Kiwenda, Uganda

    Xclusive Uganda was looking for a water treatment for its location in Uganda to produce better irrigation water for the cultivation of floricultural products. There for we installed the Opti Clear Diamand installation.

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  • Pure Sun Farms - Canada

    Pure Sun Farms is part of Village Farms Group and has switched from growing tomatoes to Cannabis. For this Royal Brinkman has supplied Fertilizers tanks and Agitators to make the transition of cultivation possible.

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  • Randhawa Farms - Canada

    Royal Brinkman provided the electrical installation for this project. Switch panels were supplied in both the greenhouse and the boiler house. A supervisor from Royal Brinkman was present to lead phase 3 of the project.

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  • Village Farms - Texas

    Royal Brinkman replaced the main pipeline and irrigation taps at Village Farms. This was installed under the supervision of Royal Brinkman.

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Small custom technical solutions
In addition to total solution (Turn-Key), we also offer small custom made work. Opting for Royal Brinkman Technology means choosing reliability, quality and durability. In addition, Royal Brinkman technique has an own innovation department, where new technology developments are followed and projects initiated. Royal Brinkman has a very well respected webshop, in which many technical articles are available.
The team has the knowledge and experience to advise you. Our specialists can assist you in realizing your plans for new construction or renovation from the start: In the analysis of the climatic conditions, water availability, the required optimal conditions for growing your crops, the choice of the most suitable materials, techniques and available equipment.  We provide water, air conditioning, electrical and solar installations of a high level, controlled by sophisticated computer software. 

The department exists alongside the sales team, from an AutoCAD drawing section for creating technical drawings, section implementation and maintenance as well as the helpdesk for assistance with technical questions. The team technical projects is of course worldwide. 

Do you have questions about Technical Projects?
Royal Brinkman has an international specialized team in water, climate, and electricity technical projects for horticulture. Do you have questions about technical projects, or would you like to receive personal advice? Please contact our product specialists, or ask your questions via the form below. We will contact you on working days within 24 hours.

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