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Questions about the webshop? Find answers or ask your question on our webshop specialists.

Royalbrinkman.com has been given a new design, which means that some functionalities are in a different place. Do you have any questions about the webshop? Fill in the form below for a personal explanation or check out the frequently asked questions below. You can also contact us via +31 174 446 140.

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I can not purchase this product directly, why?

It may happen that a price is not visible in the shop, when this is the case please request a quote or for more information or contact your regular contact person at Royal Brinkman.

I can not see a shopping cart in the shop?

You can't see a shopping cart in the shop? Then navigate to the heading 'represent', select your customer number that you'd like to represent. When you're representing an account you will see the shopping cart appear.

shopping cart

Can I adjust my favorites?

Your "favorites" display a list of items you regularly purchase. The favorites can be found at the top right or under "My Royal Brinkman".

By clicking on the button "Update Groups" it is possible to:
- Add or remove Groups
- Adapt Group Name
- Order of change groups

Quickly complete your order?

Quickly complete your order? Choose step 2 to go directly to the shopping cart.

quickly complete your order

How can I accept my quotes?

Via 'My Royal Brinkman' you will find the button 'pending quotations'.

You are able to:
- Find your current pending quotations
- React to a quotation
- Accept your quotation

If you agree to your quotation via the webshop, it isn't necessary to sign it and send it back. The digital confirmation is enough. Your response will be sent directly to your regular contact person.

Can articles be sorted by article number or product name?

Articles can be sorted by relevance, model or part number. The size is automatically set to relevance. Clicking will adjust sorting by relevance, product name or product number.

How can I change my password?

It is possible to change the password of the shop. If you navigate to 'My Royal Brinkman' and select 'Change Password' you can easily change the password.

Forgot your password?
If you click on the 'forgot password' button, you can easily fill out your user requests a new password. There will then be automatically sent an email asking you to activate your new password.

See 'My Royal Brinkman' for your personal information!

Under the button "My Royal Brinkman" your personal information can be found , such as: - Order History - Open Orders - Favourites - Statistics - Company This applies to both shop, telephone and orders! So you have a complete overview. There is also the possibility to change the info of your company and fill in + spraying licenses.

Is it possible to save my username and/or password?

You can now easily save your user name and password by marking the "Remember me" checkmark in the login screen. This prevents you from losing and forgetting the password!

Where can I find an MSDS document?

Are you looking for an MSDS document? You can find it easily in the Royal Brinkman shop! You can find this on the article page under 'Documents'.

Do I pay the same price in the shop as at the store?

We make customized arrangements with you as our customer. This allows you to see your prices in the webshop! The setting of this takes place in cooperation with one of our account managers. The moment you request an access code they will make arrangements with you.

The account manager will ask for articles that you are going to purchase at a regular base and articles where your interested in. Based on your annual requirements. After preparation, you will receive an access code which allows you to work with the Royal Brinkman shop. It does not matter whether you ordered from one of our stores, by phone, by email or through the web shop. Your prices are the same everywhere. If you want to order large quantities of a single item, it is also possible to request a quote via the web shop. This is immediately forwarded to your regular contacts. 

Use your favourites, making it easy to reorder products

Your 'favourites' display a list of items you regularly purchase (runners). This allows you to easily reorder products. You can find the 'favourites' on the right and are updated automatically, there is also the option to adjust them manually. Too much or too little favourites? Please contact please contact Bart van Ruijven bart.van.ruijven@brinkman.nl or call 0174 446 140.

How do I remove a product from my shopping cart?

You can quickly and easily remove a product from your shopping cart by clicking on the cross on the right side of the page.

Where can I sign up for digital invoicing?

More and more companies switch to digital invoicing, so is Royal Brinkman. In addition to the invoice by mail, you can also choose to receive your bill in PDF format by mail. You decide to which email address the invoice is sent.

You can sign up for digital invoicing when using "My Royal Brinkman'! From your company info it's possible to subscribe for the digital invoicing.


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