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As a worldwide horticultural supplier, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice from our wide range of products. How do you know if a product really suits your crop? Royal Brinkman offers the best solutions for this question! A free sample. To help you make the right choices, you can request a sample of a selection of our featured Crop Support products. If you need help, we will be glad to advise you in choosing the perfect sample.

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A product sample allows you to check whether the product meets your requirements before you make your purchase, so that you will not incur any unnecessary costs. Product samples are free to try for our customers, and no purchase is required! Fill out the form below to request a free sample. You can request samples of our high wire hooks in the Valent line or our remarkable Valent Twine, among other Crop Support Products. We will respond to you within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Requesting a sample is possible for the products below

  • Valent clips request a sample

    Valent Clips

    Clips are used in horticulture to support the crops, as the plants are vulnerable after crop rotation. To help growers get ahead during and after crop rotation, Royal Brinkman offers the remarkable Valent Clips.

  • Valent Hooks

    With a flexibility regarding hook size, strength of twine, length of twine and colors and packing combinations, Royal Brinkman is able to offer you a full range of tomato hooks; also being used for cucumber, pepper and eggplant.
  • valent twine request a sample

    Valent Twine

    Valent Twine is perfect for your high-wire hooks in tomato, cucumber, eggplant and bell pepper crops. Valent twine is strong and made of synthetic fibers, this does not absorb moisture, reducing the chance of the twine breaking.

  • Truss support + grafting clips

    Royal Brinkman has designed complete lines of truss support & grafting clips for all horticultural crops. For every crop we have the best truss support and grafting clip. 
  • Twinhook

    The risk with topped tomato plants is the tearing of the axil. The best solution for this damage is the Twinhook, a ‘twinclip’ of plastic that gives the axil just the amount of support to prevent any damage.
  • Easyclip

    Brinkman Easy clips are lightweight and strong clips. The smooth edges and ventilation openings around the whole clip decrease the risk of Botrytis. An additional advantage of the 26 mm clip is the large volume per pallet, which guarantees lower transport costs.

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Martin MeuldijkAbout Martin Meuldijk

Martin Meuldijk has had more than 20 years of experience in the glass horticulture, nationally as well as internationally. Ever since 2016 he has been working at Royal Brinkman as a product specialist for the topics of Crop Rotation and Service Items. He likes to help growers to get the best results from their cultivation. His approach?: "Do what you say and say what you do: that is my motto. I attach great importance to always giving proper and honest advice."

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