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Featured products

Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of products. Below we explain some of these products for you. If you have questions about any of the products, please contact your account manager or customer service.


Sticky traps Shading agents Anti condence foil
Sticky traps and holders Shading agents Anti-condense film
Hortisept Clean Plus Drygair  
Hortisept Clean Plus Drygair Fresh sealer
Clips Aquagro Remove-it
Clips Aquagro L Removit
Flexxomat Empas grafting clips
Flexxomat Empas Grafting clips
ECA unit Hebo Halter Clean Canvas
Eca-unit Hebo Halter Cleaning installation for canvasses
Ducanit Aquajet Bio chopper
Ducanit Aquajet Crop Rotation machines
Top cleaner Wire mesh Bees in greenhouse
Greenhouse roof cleaners Wire mesh Bumblebees in Greenhouse
Dosatron Nivola sulphur evaporators High wire hooks
Dosatron Nivola sulphur evaporators Tomato hook configurator
 Ground covers  Benomic  Knives and scissors
 Ground Covers  Benomic Star  Knives, scissors and holders
 Poinsettia dazide enhance  Watertanks  Hygiene stations
 Growth regulator - Dazide Enhance  Watertanks  Hygiene stations
 CO2 Hose  Twine  osmocote and universol
 CO2 Hoses  Valent twine Osmocote and Universol
 Brinkman Naturel Service Engine 
 Brinkman Naturel Service Engine