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Boost your crop and protect your plants with HPGen

Clean your irrigation system and improve root development
  • During crop rotation, you have cleaned your irrigation systems thoroughly. However, while the new crop is growing, you experience the quality of your crop decreases. This might be caused by the pollution of your irrigation system by heavy metals or other stabilisers and impurities. The contaminated irrigation systems affects your crop negatively. Therefore, good water quality is very important. 

    Advantages of using HPGen

    Be more sustainable,
    Keep the irrigation system clean and save,
    Control pathogens that can affect your plants,
    Water, air and electricity are the only ingredients needed.

    Interested in boosting your crop and protecting your plants?


  • Keep your irrigation system clean
    In order to prevent your irrigation system to be contaminated, you can use several chemical products. However, this means that the chemicals will be mixed into your water and will impact the root development of your crop. HPGen can form your sustainable solution. With the HPGen™ generators, you are able to produce Peroxide UltraPure™ yourself on-site at the nursery. This ultra-pure form of hydrogen peroxide can be fed directly into the your irrigation system. This makes it easy to keep the irrigation system clean during the complete cultivation process and gives the crops a boost. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down into pure water and oxygen, leading to more dissolved oxygen in the water. 

    • Chemical-free

      Only water, electricity and air are needed to produce hydrogen peroxide on site. No storage and handling of hazardous chemicals is required.
    • Autonomous

      Produces Peroxide UltraPure™ on site, on demand. The system runs automatically and is continuously monitored via the cloud to ensure optimal operation.
    • Secure

      HPGen™ produces safe, low concentrations. The cells operate at a low voltage and use a membrane-based electrolyte, which eliminates the risk of electrolyte leakage.
    • Scalable

      Produces Peroxide UltraPure™ on site, on demand. The system runs automatically and is continuously monitored via the cloud to ensure optimal operation.

Types of HPGen generators

  • HPGen A-serie

    Designed for applications requiring between 1 kg / day and up to 3 kg / day. 

    Ideally suited for greenhouse irrigation water treatment, livestock water treatment, aquaculture hatcheries, and low-throughput industrial and municipal water treatment. 

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  • HPGen I-serie

    Industrial, highly-scalable design for demanding applications, requiring 5 kg / day and above.

    Suited for irrigation water treatment in 50 ha sized fields and above, mid to large cooling towers, advanced oxidation processes, and process water treatment.

    ›› Discover the HPGen I-serie

About HPNow
HPNow offers a comprehensive line of on-site on-demand electrochemical hydrogen peroxide generation solutions, requiring only water, electricity and air to operate. 

The HPGen A-Series is a full solution within a single cabinet, providing Peroxide UltraPure™ throughputs of between 1 kg / day and 3 kg / day, and addressing the requirements of most horticulture and livestock applications, as well as low-throughput industrial and municipal water treatment. 

HPGen I-Series is highly scalable and designed to meet demanding industrial and municipal water treatment application requiring Peroxide UltraPure™ throughputs of 5 kg / day and above.
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