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Ducanit Calcium Nitrate

World's purest and highest NO3 content calcium nitrate for horticulture.

Calcium is one of the most essential elements within the crop. It is used by the plant for strengthening of the cell walls, which results in a stronger plant of higher quality. There are many types of calcium fertilizers but as a water-soluble fertilizer, calcium nitrate is one of the commonly used fertilizer. Because of the importance of calcium for the crop a high quality calcium nitrate is very important. Ducanit is the purest calcium nitrate available, with the highest content of nitrate. The quality of the product is guaranteed with a certificate of analysis, which is included in every shipment. Nutrient-rich water can be a source for pathogens and algae. Without treatment, all water systems develop a biofilm which provides an ideal home for fungi, viruses and bacteria like Crazy Roots.

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  • Why Ducanit® Calcium Nitrate is your best choice:

    ✔  World’s highest Nitrate (N-NO3) content
    ✔  World’s highest Calcium (CaO-Ca) content
    ✔  World’s purest Calcium Nitrate
    ✔  Analysis per container shipment
    ✔  Cost effective – Lowest price for N/N03 and for CaO
    ✔  No content of Sodium (Na) and heavy metals


    Drop irrigation systems Solution ratio: 0.05 kg/1000 liter water

     Hydroponic solutions Dilution ratio of 1 kg/1000 liter water. 
    1 Liter of the solution provides 155 mg nitrogen, incl. 144 mg nitrate nitrogen and 11 mg ammonia nitrogen, plus 190 mg calcium to the plant.

     Foliar fertilizing Dilution ratio: 500-800 g/100 liter water.
    Use max. 10 applications per season.

  •  Ducanit is the perfect solution for calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate


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