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How to stimulate plant resilience

plant resistanceWritten by Maarten Casteleijn | Last update 12-02-2020

Increasing plant resilience is an increasingly important concept in greenhouse horticulture. The use of chemical pesticides will continue to be reduced in the coming years, while stress factors need to be addressed in order to meet the growing global food demand. Growers are therefore forced to use other means of combating diseases and pests. They can do this with the help of biological crop protection, but also with products that promote plant resilience. In this article our specialists explain the use of products for plant resilience purposes. 

Natural defense mechanism of plants

Plants naturally have a defense mechanism with which they protect themselves in stress situations. This stress can be caused by factors such as diseases, pests and micro-organisms (biotic), but also by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and light (abiotic). When the plant experiences stress, the immune mechanism is set in motion and the plant starts to produce substances that protect it from these dangers. 

Strengthen defence mechanism

Products for plant resilience ensure that the plant's natural defence mechanism is strengthened, so that the plant reacts faster and more vigorously to stress situations and diseases. This offers the possibility to limit the use of chemistry. The effect of plant resistance products is similar to the effect of vitamin pills in humans: they strengthen the immune system, making you less likely to become ill and heal faster in case of illness. 

Overground and underground

Plant resilience can be strengthened in various ways, both above ground and underground. This can be done above ground by stimulating the plant immune system, by using plant strengthening leaf fertilizers and by increasing plant vitality. Strengthening plant resilience underground can be achieved by using plant strengthening fertilizers, stimulating soil life and by using absorption and soil improvers. Below you can read more about the different possibilities to increase plant resilience.

Stimulate plant immune system

By stimulating the plant immune system, plants can better defend themselves against diseases. This reduces abiotic stress factors.

Using plant strengthening leaf fertilizers

Plant-fertilizing leaf fertilizers support the growth, the processes in the plant and the absorption and conversion of minerals and trace elements. By applying these products, the needs of the plant are always covered sufficiently.

Increasing plant vitality

Increasing plant vitality ensures that the processes in the plant run more efficiently. The cell of a plant can be compared to a factory: the more efficiently it runs, the higher the yield.

Using plant strengthening fertilizers

Plant fertilizers support the growth, the processes in the plant and the absorption and conversion of minerals and trace elements. By applying these products, the needs of the plant are always sufficiently covered.

Stimulate organisms in the soil

A balanced amount of life in the soil reduces the risk of soil diseases and pests. Soil organisms can be stimulated by adding micro-organisms to the soil and by stimulating the populations existence.

Introducing absorption and soil improvers

Absorption improvers increase elements in absorbable form in the soil and/or stimulate consumption by the plant itself. Think of an optimal rooting or improved soil structure. Organic fertilizers lead to soil improvement, more fertility of the soil and slow nutrient release.

Combine products

Combining different products for plant resistance purposes can enhance the effect of the products. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, always get good advice before combining different products.

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Side effects on natural enemies

Some products have side effects on the natural enemies present in the crop. Therefore, It is important to get advice on the use of the various plant resistance products as well.

Plant resilience

Questions about plant resilience

Do you have questions about increasing plant resilience or about the use of these substances? Please contact our crop protection specialists or ask your question using the form below.

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Maarten Casteleijn About Maarten Casteleijn

Maarten Casteleijn is a product specialist in plant resistance at Royal Brinkman. In addition to experience in horticulture, he also has experience in teaching and coordinating research in the medical sector. By combining his work experiences, he can look at a problem with different perspectives and think out of the box. Maarten says that his passion is reflected in his work experience: receiving and sharing knowledge. "I have a broad interest in innovation and sustainability. Together with the grower, I want to achieve a final zero discharge by increasing plant resilience". 

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