How to establish a nutritional feeding schedule for a crop

How to establish a nutritional feeding schedule for a cropIn order to establish a nutritional feeding schedule that ensures optimal results, it has to be carefully aligned with the nutritional needs of your crop. There are basic nutritional feeding schedules available for all types of crops. Our crop treatment experts can establish the optimal nutritional feeding schedule for your situation, together with you if necessary.

Sampling feed water

In order to make your nutritional feeding schedule work to your best advantage, you should regularly sample your feed water/substrate and have those samples tested by a laboratory. This allows you to ascertain whether your nutritional feeding schedule still suffices or requires adjustment. In the latter case, the crop treatment experts of Royal Brinkman can use the analyses to advise you which adjustments to make. They can also establish a new nutritional feeding schedule for you. 

Factors in establishing a nutritional feeding schedule

There are various factors involved in establishing nutritional feeding schedules for your crops, among which temperature, light intensity, greenhouse temperature, irrigation, etc. These factors are subject to constantly changing values, which is why we recommend sampling and testing every 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the type of cultivation/crop). This will enable you to respond to (minor) changes that occur in the underlying factors and to therefore maintain a stable balance between the various elements. It will also help you to prevent over-nutrition or under-nutrition for your crop, which in turn contributes to a satisfying crop result. 

Be advized

Establishing an effective nutritional feeding schedule requires precision, in which there is no room for any mistakes. One mistake can in some cases have a seriously detrimental effect on the crop in question. When in doubt, always ask an expert to draw up a nutritional feeding schedule for you. 

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Any questions?

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