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Organic Substrate Solutions

Create the right growing conditions starting from the ground up
The benefits of coco peat as a growing substrate in greenhouses are many and obvious. Cocopeat is the sole organic component of Brinkman Naturel substrates. Produced by selected coconut plantations, coconuts, whose fiber is extracted from the husk, are cultivated, harvested, processed on site, and used pure without any chemical addition. This fiber has complete, unique properties for agriculture as a soilless growing medium

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Reasons why other growers choose Brinkman Naturel Coco Slabs
  • Environmental properties as coco peat is 100% natural, completely recyclable and renewable. It has a low carbon footprint and a high level of stability.
  • Physical properties due to the buffering capacity of the cocopeat which is much higher than that of the rockwool, its excellent water diffusion capacity, and a high rehydration capacity.
  • Technological properties thanks to a full range that has been developed by our technicians to meet your needs precisely.
  • All our substrates are controlled and certified and ready to be used in organic farming.

Benefits and features of Brinkman Naturel

Coco fibres have a lot of benefits during growth:
✔  High water holding capacity which makes it a save substrate and the total amount of water that has to be given can be reduced as well as the amount of fertilizers. This is good for the plants, the grower as well as for the environment.
✔  Easy root growing and a high air amount will create healthy roots and good growing plants. A strong growing crop needs less pesticides, the advance for the environment is naturally.
✔  A buffer for water and nutrients make coco products a save substrate. Even when water or nutrients cannot be given for some time the plants will survive.

Grow-bags, Brinkman Naturel

✔  Good water capacity capacity in combination with a high air content
✔  Available with different chemical and physical characteristics
✔  Organic and therefore easy to recycle
✔  Packed as dry, compressed material for transport efficiency
✔  Packed in plastic or available without plastic

Most used Grow-bags
   40’HC-container  20’Container (1) 
Size in cm(*)Weight (kg) per growbag Amount per pallet Amount per container Amount per pallet Amount per container 
 100 x 20 x 10  2 500 10000  400 4000
 100 x 20 x 12  2,5 400  8000  320
 100 x 15 x 10  1,5 650 13000 520 5200
 100 x 15 x 12  1,8 540  10800 430 4300
 100 x 18 x 16 (2)  3 375 7500 300 3000

Other size and custom-made grown-bags are also available.
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