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Which substrate slab is suitable for my cultivation?

It is important to know which type of cultivation you are planning in order to choose the proper substrate mat. Various substrates are available on the basis of these components. Each vegetation has its own needs and demands. Therefore one type of substrate mat does not fit all cultivation. It’s either a substrate that supports rapid root development of a plant or one that is fully controllable. There are also few substrates that can be used for multiple years. Royal Brinkman has a large selection of substrates.

  • Grotop Master

    Annual matting, resaturation up to 72%, optimal steering range, more yield from climate management, robust and strong plants, sustainable use of water and nutrients, suitable for tomatoes.

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  • Grotop Master Dry

    Annual matting, coarse fibre structure and high density, generative crop reaction, wide steering range, quick drain change, healthy roots and strong crop, suitable for tomato and aubergine.

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  • Grotop Expert

    Annual matting, vertical fibre structure, rapid leaf surface development, maximum production and quality, wide steering range, full control, suitable for Precision Growing, suitable for tomato, sweet pepper and cucumber.

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  • Grodan Vital

    One-year mat, rapid resaturation within safe control range, assured supply of water and nutrition, easy irrigation, rapid and uniform gas development, efficient WG and EC correction, suitable for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines.

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  • Grodan Vital Dry

    Annual matting, even water distribution, generative crop reaction, fast and stable EC correction, fast weather-dependent reaction, high irritation efficiency, suitable for peppers, cucumbers and aubergines.

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  • Flortop Rosa

    Perennial mat, extra firmness, optimal steerability, perfect rooting, good plant balance in every cultivation phase, optimal refreshment, less drain, suitable for dandruff.

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  • Grodan Vitaflor

    Long-life perennial mat, most solid structure, resaturation up to 70%, easy irrigation, vigour and uniform crop, fast change, suitable for rose.

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  • Grodan Grofit

    Meerjarige mat, homogene verdeling van water en voeding, groeikrachtige en vegetatieve start, snelle inworteling en weggroei, sturing in alle seizoenen, eenvoudig oogsten door vaste schijf, geschikt voor gerbera.

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  • Grocube

    Perennial use, hydrophilic fibre that attracts water, airy and dry substrate, optimal use of substrate volume, structure retention, more vigour through rapid rooting, suitable for anthurium, cymbidium and hydrangea.

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  • Grodan Delta plug

    For cut flowers and vegetable cultivation, well controllable cultivation, even water distribution, excellent root development.

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  • Grodan SBS

    For vegetable and ornamental cultivation, for germination and initial propagation, uniform emergence and plant quality, good air and water management, uniform rooting.

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Martin MeuldijkAbout Martin Meuldijk

Martin Meuldijk has had more than 20 years of experience in the glass horticulture, nationally as well as internationally. Ever since 2016 he has been working at Royal Brinkman as a product specialist for the topics of Crop Rotation and Service Items. He likes to help growers to get the best results from their cultivation. His approach? ";Do what you say and say what you do: that is my motto. I attach great importance to always giving proper and honest advice."

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