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Increase greenhouse hygiene standards using Hygiene Stations

Reduce the threat of viruses in your production facility

Preventing viruses and diseases is better than curing them. Proper hygiene is a continuous important aspect within your company. In our assortment you can find a wide range of hygiene stations which are designed to meet all the hygiene requirements. Let us help you in creating a business hygiene concept that has all the elements needed for proper disinfection. If you'd like to know more about disinfection within your production facility feel free to make use of the contact form below. 

Wondering what an established hygiene plan can do to protect your crop? Ask for an informal (digital) consult with our specialist.

  • Why is working hygienically important?

    Over the last few years, hygiene has become an important point of attention in the glass horticulture. Although disinfecting of the greenhouse will prevent undesired diseases and pests, it is important to also consider possible diseases spread by people, machines and tools. Hygiene measures with regard to personal hygiene and the disinfecting of transport equipment will assist you in doing this.

    Hygiene Stations or hand disinfection units

    There are several means to ensure a high hygienic standard in the greenhouse environment, as such there are hygiene stations as well as hand disinfection units. For optimal hygiene, you can make the best use of a complete hygiene station including sole and footwear cleaning. Where you go through the following steps. Wash hands with soap, dry the hands, disinfect the hands, clean de soles and disinfect the soles. Most diseases and pests are spread via the hands. That is why hand disinfection focuses on two different groups: employees and visitors. Mainly visitors, going from one company to the other, are a point of attention as they enter.

Hygiene stations

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Hand hygiene stations

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