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Why is working hygienically important?

hygienically working
Written by Jasper Verhoeven | Latest update: 03-06-2020

Over the last few years, hygiene has become an important point of attention in the glass horticulture. Although disinfecting of the greenhouse will prevent undesired diseases and pests, it is important to also consider possible diseases spread by people, machines and tools. Hygiene measures with regard to personal hygiene and the disinfecting of transport equipment will assist you in doing this. In this article, our specialist explains about the different hygiene measures.

The importance of hygiene 

We are often asked: ‘’Why is hygiene important?’’. Hygiene is important because it can reduce the risk of contamination in the crop. Simple measures will benefit the health and quality of the crop as well as the production. So, start your personal hygiene and disinfection of transport equipment today. Want to draw up a plan for the entire company? The find out how to draw up your hygiene protocol.

Watch in the video how to enter the greenhouse hygienically.

Personal hygiene 

Personal hygiene of employees requires additional attention. This way the risk of diseases and pests penetrating or spreading via people, will be reduced. You can choose to implement a simple personal hygiene or use a more stringent hygiene policy by means of fully integrated disinfection. The following measures can be taken with regard to personal hygiene:

  • Disinfection of the hands: most diseases and pests are spread via the hands. That is why disinfection of the hands focuses on two different groups: employees and visitors. Mainly visitors, going from one company to the other, are a point of attention as they enter. A disinfection agent for dry hands is a good solution concerning personal hygiene. This agent has an antimicrobial effect, as a result of which the multiplication of the pathogen is inhibited or stopped.

  • Disinfection of the feet: Regarding simple disinfection of the feet, there is, for example sole disinfection, applied by disinfecting mats, placed in the route. Ensure that the mat is positioned such that people cannot walk around it. The disinfectant will ensure every shoe to be adequately disinfected. 

  • Fully integrated disinfection: if you opt for the more stringent personal hygiene, then a hygiene station will be a proper solution. In this device, hands and feet will be cleaned and disinfected simultaneously, by means of brushes. These stations are available in different designs: from simple to highly advanced.

Products for personal hygiene

Disinfection of transport equipment

In addition to the personal hygiene, it is important to disinfect wheels of fork lift trucks, roll containers, carts and pallet jacks. By making use of a disinfecting mat, developed especially for the disinfection of transport equipment, the penetration of pathogen and pests is prevented. The mat is fitted with anti-slip foil at the bottom, to prevent sliding. The mats can be replenished with a disinfection agent, manually or via an automatic filling system. This way you prevent the penetration of pathogens.



Whitepaper: Crop rotation - Finish clean, start clean

Mockup Crop Rotation
Your new crop infected with pests and diseases after the crop rotation? That's a complete disaster! You can prevent this with the right hygiene measures. In this whitepaper you will find a step-by-step plan to start your crop clean.


More information about importance of working hygienically

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Jasper Verhoeven, product specialist disinfection, is the first point of contact for growers when it comes to hygiene. "Customised advice has become increasingly more important, due to the risen demand for hygiene measures in horticulture and the associated challenges. Every time, I see it as a challenge to help a grower to create the ultimate situation at his enterprise."




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