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AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaner

The AquaJet is used for the optimal cleaning of greenhouse roofs and cultivation gutters. It stands out because of it's efficiently cleaning and disinfecting during the crop rotation with the high-pressure water beam to start the cultivation season in a shiny and fresh greenhouse. Besides that it is easy to move by riding over the existing pipe rail system to reach every part in the greenhouse and easy to maintain. The plug and play solution makes the AquaJet easy-to-use. On top of that the hydraulic drive, stepless adjustable telescopic boom and the absence of cables makes the cleaner even easier.

Early Bird Deal: Order the AquaJet now and get discount

  • What are the advantages?

    Large labour cost savings
    Only one person operates the machine and easily cleans 10,000m2 roof and facades on one workday with minimum physical burden.

    All-in 1 machine

    Spraying with cleansing agent (adjustable dose), rinsing with water, cleaning the cultivation gutters, you can do it all with one and the same AquaJet

    Easy to use
    Your staff does not have to have a lot of technical knowledge to operate it

    Thanks to a number of smart solutions, the AquaJet fits almost every greenhouse

    See the terms & conditions of the promotion here.

  • The AquaJet video


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Spare parts of the AquaJet

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Early Bird Deal: Order now and get extra discount

Because the AquaJet is a seasonal machine we've experienced that the decision point for the growers to purchase a machine is usually last minute. Order now to make sure the AquaJet is on time for your next crop rotation and get discount on the roof and gutter cleaner.

Light is an important factor. Cleaning the inside of your greenhouse and the gutters helps to limit dirt that would reduce light and could be a source of viruses. Thorough cleaning of the inside of your greenhouse takes a lot of time, and is valuable due to the labour it’ll cost you. The Aquajet is made to get this job done.

The AquaJet is specially developed to start a new cultivation in a clean greenhouse, because a clean start is the best way to start, right? Running on the existing pipe rail system, the AquaJet cleans the greenhouse and interior under high pressure. The machine is available with a fully adjustable telescopic boom, so the roof can be approached from up close and will be cleaned and disinfected perfectly.


Terms & conditions of the promotion
1. This promotion is valid for AquaJet orders placed before May 1st 2020.
2. A down payment of 10% must be paid within 14 days after the date of invoice, if you decide to purchase an AquaJet. The remaining amount has to be paid before delivery.
3. The AquaJet will be shipped from October 2020

AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaner: to make sure dirt doesn't block the light in the greenhouse

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