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The AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaning solution

With the Aquajet Roof Cleaner you will start the growing season with a radiantly clean greenhouse!

Is it time for a thorough cleaning of the glass and growing gutters? That can be a time-consuming task and very labor-intensive. Royal Brinkman has the solution for this: the Aquajet. A powerful 'plug & play' pipe rail trolley with hose reel, a height-adjustable mast with two powerful sprayers on it. The Aquajet cleans the inside of the greenhouse quickly and thoroughly during the crop change and has therefore been specially developed so that after every growing season you can start in a shiny and fresh greenhouse. Starting the new growing season with a sparkling clean greenhouse has never been easier! 

Wondering what the AquaJet and its options can do in your facility? Ask your questions to our specialist. 

The Aquajet is a must have for any large horticulture operation

The Aquajet roof cleaner
The AquaJet is used for the optimal cleaning of greenhouse roofs and gutters. It stands out for its efficient and disinfecting cleaning properties during crop change with the high pressure water jet to start the new growing season with a fresh greenhouse. In addition to the ease of use by using the existing pipe rail system, the Aquajet is easy to move and maintain. In addition, the plug-and-play solution makes the AquaJet user-friendly. On top of the hydraulic drive, the infinitely adjustable telescopic boom and the absence of cables even make the vacuum a must-have for any cleaning job. The Aquajet comes in the standard version, but there is also an option for an extended spray mast suitable for greenhouses with a leg height > 6.50 meters. Maximum working height 7.15 meters. And to keep the Aquajet in an optimal condition, we have a spare parts package. To keep the Aquajet in perfect condition, Royal Brinkman also has spare parts and various pumps in the assortiment.

Aqua jet roof cleaning system

With the help of the Aquajet it is easy to apply cleaning or disinfecting agents to the inside of your greenhouse roof. The Aquajet rides on the pipe rail system and rinses the roof with a high-pressure water jet driven by a gasoline engine. An optional module even cleans cultivation gutters. The AquaJet works without cables, has a hydraulic drive and can be delivered with an infinitely variable telescopic boom. 

Aquajet advantages

Labour cost savings
Only one person operates the machine and easily cleans 10,000m2 roof and facades on one workday without physical stress.

All-in 1 machine
Spraying with cleansing agent (adjustable dose), rinsing with water, cleaning the cultivation gutters, you can do it simultaneously with one and the same AquaJet.

Easy to use
Your staff does not have to have a lot of technical knowledge to operate it due to its easy plug & play interface.

Thanks to a number of smart solutions, the AquaJet can fit almost every greenhouse.


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Spare parts of the AquaJet

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  • Clean the roof and the facades

    The Aquajet is specially designed to start a new cultivation in a clean greenhouse. After all, a clean start is the first profit. Riding on the existing pipe rail system, the AquaJet applies detergents or disinfectants and sprays the greenhouse and fixtures clean under high pressure. In this video you will see how you can clean the roof and the facades with the Aquajet. 

    Please ask your account manager for further details.

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