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Menno Florades | The effective disinfectant against bacteria and viruses

Prevent against possible pathogens in your cultivation

  • It may occur that viruses and bacteria enter your greenhouse and affect your crop. The quality of your crop will decrease immediately. In order to keep plant pathogens out of the greenhouse, it is important to use disinfectant agents. Menno Florades is a powerful agent, specially developed for horticulture. It contains no quaternary ammonium compounds. Due to its plant friendliness and fast action, it is possible to disinfect greenhouse stands, growing tables, containers, carts, jars, machinery and many more objects regularly during the harvest. 

    Advantages of using Menno Florades
    ✔ Long shelf life
    ✔ Environmentally friendly
    ✔ Measurable effectiveness

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  • The effect of Menno Florades
    Research shows that Menno Florades has a killing effect against most plant pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause problems in horticulture.

    Fungi in many cases consist of generative and vegetative spores. The latter are generally relatively easy to combat. Menno Florades also combats the generative spores (resting spores) of fungi due to its long-lasting effect. These resting spores are often very persistent.

    Menno Florades' strength as regards the effectiveness against plant viruses lies in the fact that it kills both viruses with and without a protein envelope, as the product gets to the core due to its long-lasting stability.

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