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valent pepper twine

Valent Pepper Twine is a twine that is ideally suited for growing peppers thanks to a significant reduction in stretch.

However, despite the name Valent Pepper, this twine is not limited to use in bell pepper cultivation. This twine is also ideally suited for the cultivation of eggplant and melon. Valent Pepper twine is made of the highest quality polypropylene. In addition, the twine is standard UV treated for 12 months and specially developed for greenhouse production. Due to the improved properties in the formulation of the twine, it is easier to knot to the crop wire and at the bottom of the plant. This is because the twine is flexible, supple and soft. Because the twine is also strong, it can be easily processed in a twine machine. 

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  • Customer story: Kwekerij Moors

    Rob Moors, from The Netherlands, is always willing to try something new. That was also the case when his account manager at Royal Brinkman asked him to try out a new wax twine before the start of the last crop: "Valent Pepper would stretch even less and be able to take a higher load than the usual bell pepper twine, would be easy to process and would be a bit cheaper. Well, let's have it then." Under the motto 'see first, believe later', the grower applied the new twine in a few plant rows. And indeed, during cultivation it did not budge. Even on the hottest summer days, when lesser quality wire can stretch a bit and cause the plants to hang more in the path (with a greater chance of damage during work), all the plants stood neatly in line.

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Let’s improve together

Royal Brinkman has worked together with the producer, three growers and an independent expert to develop Valent Pepper twine. Martin Meuldijk, product Crop Rotation Specialist: "With the improved twine we offer the highest quality twine to support vegetable cultivation. With the significant improvement in stretch resistance, it offers even more benefit to the grower. With less stretch in the twine, the plant remains better positioned throughout the growing season. And that leads to less chance of damage to the fruit and vegetable when a harvest cart is driven through the path.”
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