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Support crop growth with nutritional Fertilizers

Choose fertilizers that meet the needs of your crop

Fertilizers provide essential nutrients to developing crop and therefore it's important to use the right fertilizers for the right crop. Although nutrients can occur naturally in well maintained soil there could be a shortage with a variety of issues such as drainage. Adding a fertilizer can be a great way to increase both crop growth and yield. There are two main types of fertilizers, namely organic and mineral fertilizers. Mineral fertilizers, often also referred to as chemical fertilizers, are not fully built from natural materials but still harness materials that can be found in a natural environment. On the contrary, organic fertilizers are composed of purely natural components which usually reacts to certain organism in the soil.

Be sure to meet the needs of your crops by using the right fertilizer. Ask for an informal (digital) consult with our specialist.

  • Fertilizer types

    Royal Brinkman's Range consist of fixed and liquid fertilizers which can be divided between mineral and organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers completely consist of natural and raw materials, leading to different advantages such as improved soil life. Mineral fertilizers are divided into four groups:
    1. Simple & composed fertilizers | A single fertilizers contains one main element, while a composed fertilizers - also known as NPK fertilizer - contains two or more elements.
    2. Fast acting & slow-release fertilizers | Where the main distinction is made between the operating times of the fertilizers.
    3. Spreadable fertilizers | Often applied in granular form and are spread in open soil crops.
    4. Soluble fertilizers | Applied in powder, crystal, or granular form. these fertilizers dissolve and are given to the crop through water

    Blended Fertilizers

    Since 2018, Royal Brinkman has extended its product range with the blended Ultrasol Easybag fertilizer. With this product, a ready for use, blended fertilizer recipe is produced. The biggest advantage of a blended fertilizer, is the guarantee of a homogeneous mixture throughout the entire big bag. For more information about blended fertlizers, read the product specialist's article.

Fixed fertilizers

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Liquid fertilizers

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