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Complete greenhouse logistic solutions from Berg Hortimotive

Known all over the world for complete greenhouse horticulture logistics solutions

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Are you looking for high-quality logistics solutions for your greenhouse to optimise processes? Berg Hortimotive thinks along with you and provides a tailor-made solution. The safe logistics solutions ensure efficiency and an ergonomic working posture for your employees, for optimum results.

Berg machines will last for years because of their high quality construction standards
A worldwide dealer network provides fast and reliable service
Berg Hortimotive is known all over the world for complete greenhouse horticulture logistics solutions

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  • Experience from LLC Agro-Invest

    The Russian nursery LLC Agro-Invest grows mainly vine and cherry tomatoes and has now realised the construction of greenhouses 1 to 7 inclusive with a surface area of approx. 75 Ha. Berg Hortimotive is well represented with its products at this beautiful location some 350 km from Moscow.

    Among other things, they have delivered harvesting trolleys, cherry pickers for crop work and greenhouse maintenance, automatic transport by means of intelligent technology and automatic spray trolleys for crop protection; together these provide optimal efficiency at LLC Agro-Invest. Taks Handling systems has been able to realise a very flexible solution for weighing and packing the products. This location is expected to continue to grow to approx. 110 Ha in the coming years. The often more luxurious products that are grown in this greenhouse are primarily vine and cherry tomatoes and are sold in and around Moscow.

  • LLC agro invest from Berg


About Berg Hortimotive

Products of Berg Hortimotive enable you to make your internal greenhouse logistics more efficient. To simplify your harvest procces Berg Hortimotive developed multiple solutions. Berg’s harvesting trolleys and pipe rail trolleys are specially developed for internal pipe rail greenhouse systems. However, both products can also move forward on concrete pad. Furthermore, electric tow tractors (BeTrac) are available in manually and automated guided version. To optimize your crop care, Berg Hortimotive develops spraying robots to automatically spray chemical pesticides over the crop. The greatest advantage of Berg Hortimotive logistics solutions is that it makes the greenhouse processes more efficient and its saves labor. Labor is becoming more and more scarce and therefore it is important to make it as efficient as possible. Royal Brinkman delivers the entire products of Berg Hortimotive. 

  • Spare parts from Berg Hortimotive

    Maintenance is required after intensive use to extend the lifetime of your pipe rail trolleys or other Berg machines. It may be that a spare part needs to be replaced. Prevent downtime of these machines and ensure timely delivery of parts for the machines, such as the pipe rail car, spray robot or electric tractor.

    Are you looking for spare parts? Then discover Hortispares: the online spare parts store for horticulture, powered by Royal Brinkman. On Hortispares you can find the biggest range of Berg Hortimotive spare parts.

  • Take a look inside Berg Hortimotive

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