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Berg Hortimotive | Complete greenhouse logistics solutions

Are you looking for high-quality logistics solutions for your greenhouse to optimize internal processes? To simplify your greenhouse process, Berg Hortimotive developed multiple solutions. The safe logistics solutions ensure efficiency and an ergonomic working posture for your employees. Labor is becoming more and more scarce, and therefore it is important to make it as efficient as possible.

✔ A worldwide dealer network provides fast and reliable service
✔ Berg Hortimotive makes the greenhouse processes more efficient and saves labor
✔ Berg Hortimotive offers solutions that will last for years because of their high-quality construction standards

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Berg Hortimotive BeNomic line

Berg Hortimotive assortment

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  • Customer story HortiPolaris

    Beijing HortiPolaris, greenhouse phase one located in Miyun District of Beijing, is one of the core areas of Miyun District national modern agricultural industrial park. HortiPolaris in the establishment of the initial commitment to the Netherlands advanced agricultural technology facilities in China to achieve landing, promotion and transformation.

    Xu Dan uses different machines and supplies from Royal Brinkman. From bigger machines like a Van der Waay TopCleaner and a Berg Hortimotive pipe rail trolley, to crop supplies such as hooks, clips and sticky traps. "Whether it's about hygiene measures, scouting pests or making the working life of my colleagues more efficient, Royal Brinkman can always help me out," Xu Dan explains.

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  • Customer Jay Colastani about internal transport of Berg Hortimotive

    The pipe rail trolleys and transport trolleys of Lakeshore were in need of replacement. They asked Royal Brinkman for custom-built Transport Trolleys that would meet their needs and gives them more capacity for different sizes of boxes when harvesting.

    Especially in the packaging hall, we’ve benefitted greatly from the custom-built Transport Trolleys” Jay Colasanti, Lakeshore Veggie Grower

    “We’re very satisfied with the process and the machines of Berg Hortimotive. Especially in the packaging hall, we have benefitted a lot from the custom-made Transport Trolleys because the separation of the different heirlooms in boxes can easily be done when harvesting on the Transport Trolleys."

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The Plantalyzer

PlantalyzerThe Plantalyzer fully automatically measures tomatoes in the greenhouse while they are not yet harvested. In doing so, the robot uses special cameras and software to measure the bottom two to three trusses (free of hanging leaves). The system calculates the trusses, the number of fruits per truss and the color of the fruit. By linking the planting data to the Letsgrow algorithms, you get accurate harvest control information. This means you know exactly when and how many tomatoes you can harvest in order to meet your sales targets.

Advantages of the Plantalyzer
✔ Grip on sales prices: the coordination with retail is more precise in relation to current stocks
✔ Grip on labor: on the planning of production personnel but also on logistic operations and supplies
Grip on sales volumes: through a better understanding of your volume, you can send the offer and honor your agreements.

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  • Spare parts from Berg Hortimotive

    Maintenance is required after intensive use to extend the lifetime of your pipe rail trolleys or other Berg machines. It may happen that a spare part needs to be replaced. Prevent downtime of these machines and ensure timely delivery of parts for the machines, such as the pipe rail car, spray robot or electric tractor.

    Are you looking for spare parts? Then discover Hortispares: the online spare parts store for horticulture, powered by Royal Brinkman. On Hortispares you can find the biggest range of Berg Hortimotive spare parts.

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